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In-house Workshops

In-house workshops can be arranged at your organisation, more details...

Previous customers include:

Amsterdam Academic Medical Centre and VU University Medical Centre, The Netherlands;  Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), UK; British Telecom (BT), UK;  German Aerospace Centre (DLR), Germany; Edinburgh University, UK; Euresearch, Switzerland
Cambridge Workshops

Coordinating Horizon 2020 Projects, 5 May 2019

2 Day - Finance in Horizon 2020, 18 & 19 June 2019

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Expert training in EU research projects



Our Workshops

Present clear, useful information, and avoid the myths and complexity that too often surround the Programme

provide a real learning experience through exercises and feedback sessions, not just a day full of lectures

and are built on a solid foundation of experience and expertise, allowing in-depth discussion as necessary

Singleimage is the leading international provider of practical training for the European Union’s Research Framework Programme Horizon 2020 (H2020), and is based in the UK.

The workshops are aimed at researchers and administrators, project managers and contracts officers who have to deal with the practicalities of EU research, not the politics. Our customers have research interests ranging from agronomy to zero energy building, from nanotechnology to macro-economics. They are universities and institutes, multi-national companies and start-ups, and agencies who promote participation in EU research. They come from every European country, so you can learn in an international environment.  And since we started we have trained over 6500 of them!

The workshops are held almost every month in Cambridge, and intermittently in Brussels, as well as by invitation at many other locations across Europe. You can choose an event from the schedule, or contact us to arrange a workshop at your location. All our workshops are given in English.

Once you have attended one of our workshops we do not abandon you! We provide an after-care service. So, for example, if you can't quite remember how an EC ruling applies to your project, send us an email. You will also receive a copy of our In-Touch with H2020 monthly publication.

paul feb2008 new picOur workshop presenter, Paul Drath, has 29 years experience in EU research, as an expert evaluator and reviewer, and participant in twenty projects, including three as coordinator. He has been supporting proposers to the Framework Programme with training and advice since 1996.

Paul has lectured on EU research to audiences from every EU Member State and Associated country, from Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine. He is frequently invited to speak at events relating to EU research funding organised by National Contact Points, associations and foundations, as well as individual universities and institutes.

Our main services are:


Workshops for proposers, administrators and managers. These cover proposal preparation, consortium agreements, finance and project management for EU collaborative research projects.


Singleimage provides advice to organisations preparing proposals for collaborative research projects, negotiating agreements with the EC, or trying to understand which consortium agreement terms best meet their needs.

Partner search

Singleimage is the UK member of the Ideal-ist consortium, which helps find partners for proposers to the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) theme of H2020. The consortium is supported by the European Commission and has representatives in every country participating in the ICT theme, including Central and Eastern Europe.