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In-house Workshops

In-house workshops can be arranged at your organisation, more details...

Previous customers include:

Amsterdam Academic Medical Centre and VU University Medical Centre, The Netherlands;  Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), UK; British Telecom (BT), UK;  German Aerospace Centre (DLR), Germany; Edinburgh University, UK; Euresearch, Switzerland
Cambridge Workshops

Coordinating Horizon 2020 Projects, 5 May 2019

2 Day - Finance in Horizon 2020, 18 & 19 June 2019

Check the workshop schedule for all forthcoming Cambridge events

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Partner Search


 ideal ist LOGO colorSingleimage is the UK member of the Ideal-ist consortium, which amongst a number of things, helps find partners for proposers to the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) theme of Horizon 2020. The current edition of the Partner Search Facilitation service is based on the Application programming interface (APIs) of the participant portal. Ideal-ist is actively pursuing the inclusion of other services.

The Ideal-ist 2020 consortium is supported by the European Commission and consists of partners and National Contact Points (NCPs) from 72 countries participating in the ICT theme. These include EU and Non-EU countries, such as the Associated States, Eastern European Partner Countries (EEPC), Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC) and emerging countries like China, Brazil, India and South Africa.  

Organisations throughout Europe will be seeking partners for their project ideas over the coming months. If you would like to be advised of these partner searches or advised of organisations offering their expertise, please register here. Once registered click on your "Profile" tab, then click "Notifications" where you can indicate your areas of interest within the ICT Programme.

Once you are registered you will start to receive partner searches/notifications in your areas of interest.  Click on the link provided in the email and if you are interested in the partner search/expertise offer, use the "Contact organisation" tab in the box to the right of the screen. Your reply will go directly to the organisation who will usually get back to you to discuss things further.

The Ideal-ist project also attends a number of events where you have the opportunity to meet with us to discuss your partnering needs.

Please find the international Ideal-ist website here for more information:


The Ideal-ist project is part-funded by the European Commission under its ICT Priority. Any opinions expressed on this web page are those of the author/organisation and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Community.